Episode 40: The Heat is ON!

August 19, 2016


It is blazing hot in the Northwest this week, with temperatures soaring to the triple digits around the Portland metro area. On this episode, the guys break down our heatwave and let you know what to expect in the coming days, including some extreme fire danger and really toasty temps on the Oregon Coast.

They also take a close look at a massive wildfire burning out of control near Los Angeles and the devastating flooding in Louisiana.

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Episode 39: Back from a Long Break

October 7, 2015


Episode 39: Back from a Long Break

The boys are back! After a long hiatus, Mark and Brian return to the podcast with a recap on this crazy weather year. Last winter was one of the worst on record, this summer was the hottest on record… so what does that mean for the next few months? The guys will have an answer.

Plus, space news, Cities of the Week and Joe Raineri makes a special appearance with some big news of his own.

Big thanks to one of our favorite viewer photographers, Clifford Paguio, for that gorgeous photo at the top of this post.

Episode 38: Saying Goodbye to Summer

September 28, 2014


Episode 38: Saying Goodbye to Summer

It’s our farewell to summer episode. This week the guys recap the summer of 2014, filled with sunshine, wildfires and even some records. They’ll also break down our cities of the week.

That gorgeous photo you see above is from viewer Stephanie Roth. If you have a photo you’d like to share with us, use the hashtag #fox12weather on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We will pick the best ones every day and put them on our newscasts.

Also, one last thing… a BIG congrats to Brian and Ashley MacMillan on their baby girl. Isn’t she a cutie?


Episode 37: Winter Recap and Weather Questions

April 30, 2014

Providence Park Snow Episode 37: Winter Recap and Your Weather Questions

Today, the guys bring your full winter recap and get you ready for the hot, potentially record-setting days ahead.  They’ll also answer your weather questions from Facebook and Twitter.

As promised, here are a couple of fun winter videos to check out…

Here’s Brian trying to drink water in 80+ mph winds.

Also, here’s a link to our FOX 12 reporter snowball fight in day 2 of our snow coverage.


Episode 36: Mt. Hood with guest Dave Tragethon

January 15, 2014

Mt. Hood Meadows

Episode 36: Mt. Hood with guest Dave Tragethon

The guys and Steph bring in 2014 with an episode dedicated to Oregon’s majestic Mt. Hood.

Plus, Mt. Hood Meadows Director of Marketing Dave Tragethon joins the show.  They’ll talk about this year’s lackluster start to the ski season and changes on the mountain over the past 20 years.

Episode 35: Portland’s Deep Freeze & Metro Snow Chances

December 4, 2013

Snow Picture

Episode 35: Portland’s Deep Freeze & Metro Snow Chances

The temps are cold enough and the moisture is on its way, but the big question is… WHERE WILL IT HIT?  In this week’s episode, the guys break down our chances of snow in Oregon on Thursday night/Friday morning and take a look at some of the coldest overnight temperatures we’ve been talking about in four years.

Snow ForecastIn this holiday special, the guys will also answer your news and weather questions and play a rousing game of “Cities of the Week.”

Thanks for listening this year!  We will be back with more episodes in 2014.


Episode 34: Winter Forecasts, Super Typhoon Haiyan, & Mars One Update

November 13, 2013

Portland Snowfall

Episode 34: Winter Forecasts, Super Typhoon Haiyan, & Mars One Update

This week, Brian, Mark and Joe break down this year’s Winter Weather Conference and give their thoughts on Northwest snow.  They’ll also take a look at Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most powerful storms ever to hit land.

Typhoon Haiyan

The guys will also answer your weather questions and enjoy a rousing game of Cities of the Week!  Can you guess the city before they do?

As always, thanks for listening!  Our appearance on the Ed Forman Show was an absolute blast.  Pics and video will be up soon.


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